Task 3 Option 1 Data Representation



To explore Data representation {As per curriculum skills for Years 1 &b 2: represent data as pictures, symbols, numbers and words (AC9TDI2K02)}:

Students will be reminded of the known song “Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall”.

After practicing the song through, they will be asked to replace the name Peter with the sound “ti-ti”.

Once they are successfully replacing the word Peter they will be asked to replace the word Paul with the sound “ta”

They will then be asked to sing through song replacing both names with the “ti-ti” and “ta” sounds

Next they will choose an action that may stand in for Peter (or “ti-ti”) such as clap-clap or stomp stomp and another action for Paul (or “ta”) such as pat on the head.

This is then practiced with special effort not to call out any sounds when Peter and Paul are meant to be sung but students create their own action to correspond with each name that makes no noise at all -such as waving, wigging leg  or making a funny face


This introduces data-representation -ie the sung words of Peter and Paul are being replaced/represented by different sounds and even actions. It also links with rhythm which is a musical concept where the word Peter which has 2 half beats is replaced by 2 half-beat sounds “ti-ti” and Paul which has one full beat is replaced by “ta” (as per Kodaly principles).

Following on from this lesson, students can be an introduction to onomatopoeia where they hear the teacher read “We’re going on a bear hunt” and make sounds with the teacher. They can then replace sounds with actions and later just hand movements. This can be linked to discussing sign language and the importance of this form of communication. Students may want to then think of other ways of communicating -how do they find out what’s happening overseas, during election, that a fire-truck wants to get past or play online games?

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