task 2 option 4

Option 4: If you are teaching students remotely (online), what types of data activities could students do from home? This could be an activity with or without technology.


Being at home and doing online learning can be challenging, but it can also be just as interactive as it would be in class. nowadays teachers have the technology to have a face- to face with their students on their own computers in their houses.

An activity that teachers and students can participate in could be a math game, the teacher gives a list of colours in a poll on their zoom (any form of face-to-face software) and asks the students to pick their favourite colour out of them, the class is then asked to create a graph with the answers from the poll with all of the favourite colours, they are then asked to find the most popular colour and the least colour according the graph they have created. This will teach the students to make a graph with a range of colours (more than one tally on the x or y axis) and also teach them how to read the graph.

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