Task 2, Option 4

Types of data collection activities

  • If they live in a suburban area, they could see how many houses are made from wood, brick etc.

Can ask questions such as predict how many houses will be made of brick, wood etc.

Once they have collected the data then ask further questions such as:

Why do you think that the majority of houses were made from ….? etc.

Were there any unexpected houses made from a different material

Were there houses which were made from multiple materials


  • Sorting out Lego

Students make a pile of Lego with a varying number of colours and the same dimension and mix them up. From here a variety of questions can be asked such as predict which Lego colour do you think has the most? Which colour has the least? And will there be any the same?

Ask the students why they think their answers are correct. Allow the students to sort out the colours and stack them in order of height.

Discuss about how they went.


computer game for young children which sorts the colour of hats into a bar graph.

Source: https://www.littlemissdata.com/blog/graph-week

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