Task 2: Option 4

Teaching remotely can have its challenges, so finding ways to engage students is key to producing a successful lesson. Online data activities are a good way to ensure all students are engaging in the ‘virtual classroom’, learning as they go.

For example: Digital technologies such as zoom and collaborate allow teachers to carry out classrooms online, by utilising their technological tools such as; classroom polls, engaging the entire classroom whilst also collecting data, e.g. Who has a pet dog, cat, rabbit or fish? Students once voted can break off into small breakout groups, and use the technological tools found on collaborate such as; the whiteboard simulator, to engage students as a group to create a bar graph, making students interpret the classroom poll. Once students have collectively created their bar graphs, students are then asked to take some time to answer a couple questions. Teachers  can do this by creating an online quiz, including questions such as; Which animal is the most popular pet? which animal is the least popular? How many students own a pet fish?  Encouraging students to further analyse.

This data activity, is a good way for students to start understating patterns and data, collecting, analysing and reading data. Using digital technologies such as collaborate is a good way to engage students, encouraging them to interact and work with one another through the use of digital technology to collect and represent their classroom poll, however, this data activity also allows student to have time to answer questions alone relating to the collective data making sure they fully understand the concept.


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