Task 2: Option 4

Option 4: If you are teaching students remotely (online), what types of data activities could students do from home? This could be an activity with or without technology.


Mathematics activity

A data pattern related activities are extremely important to a towards a students learning and education development, even if it could only be conducted remotely (online).

For example – having students collect data of of everyones favourite colour chosen between 5 colours (red, blue, yellow, green, pink), online in a zoom call with the teacher as supervision.  Then after everyone has stated their favourite colour and everyone has recorded and collected the right amount data in a tally table, then, begin to create making a bar graph to display the datas patterns. Once this is created, students must answer question determining, such as: Which is the most popular colour? Which is the least popular colour? How many students were surveyed? etc. These questions help students think more deeply into the data and understand why the data needs to be accurate which is important to answer the questions below it.

This data activity allows students to understand patterns, put data together, calculate, think outside the box and answer questions relating to the data. I believe this activity is an enjoyable activity for students as they are able to interact with one another about the work and then begin to answer questions relating the collective data they have gathered.

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