Task 2: Data-Patterns and Play

Option 2: Find and share a useful data source that teachers could use as a resource for classroom activities. This could be an online data source, data students could collect in their school or local community or even in their homes. Please share with the community, along with your ideas on how this data source could be used in the classroom. 

Students can collect their own data within the classroom through surveying their peers on a topic, like what is their favourite food, eye colour, sports played etc. They could then use this data to create different graphs in their books or online through applications like Excel. I have also found that Google Trends can be used as a public data set for students to analyse. Google Trends allows students to see what people are commonly searching for on Google and when. Students can also look up certain terms to see how often they are viewed in different countries over certain times. When using this data as a class, it might be important to narrow down the data to particular countries and times, as well as making sure the terms students search are appropriate. Students could use this data to form their own graphs and then analyse the data to make meaning and conclusions about the information. As class, you could also pick a term, like ‘cupcake ‘, and analyse the data together (e.g. when was this most searched? In what country is it searched most/least? etc).

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