Task 1: Possibilities with Digital Technologies

OPTION 2: https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/lifestyle-culture/article/3142027/tokyo-olympics-robots-self-driving-cars-japans-tech

Technology is incorporated into the Tokoyo 2021 Olympics –

This year in the Olympics Tokoyo dealt with a large range of things that are usually not applicable due to COVID. Not only do they need to assist with the language barrier between athletes and ensuring all are prepared for their events they also need to ensure athletes are completing covid safe practices and there are limited amounts of people in each space. To combat this they have introduced robots into most facilities to assist with the language barrier process and to complete simple common tasks which people would normally complete. This includes robots in the food hall clearing and sanitising eating stations in between athletes dining times. This is beneficial as it limits the human contact to each area and the number of people in each space.


This is interesting to me as it demonstrates how we are able to adapt and develop solutions to major problems including COVID enabling events and activities to continue. This is extremely important with the new changes which will occur in the future and within the current climate of COVID.

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