Task 1 Option 2: INTRODUCING DTs

Article link= https://www.tdworld.com/smart-utility/article/21134359/working-remotely-with-digital-technologies

Article – Working Remotely with Digital Technologies

Within this interesting article, it’s main significance within it, is aiming towards the benefits and positives towards working remotely with digital technologies. This article interests me as  it captures the COVID-19 Pandemic, where students at universities / schools and people at work were allocated to move their work to online practices. This interests me as technology and digital platforms became a safe environment for students to be provided with content for their continuous education and, for working people to continue progressing their careers in the jobs they pursue. Through this pandemic, we are online and using digital technologies more than ever as we work and learn in remote practices. Adapting to these changes and working remotely gives people a different view on how education and working can relate to their lives in 2021.

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