Task 1 option 1

Option 1. Find and share an example of a job or discipline area that involves some element of computing or relation to digital technologies. Share with the community what the career is or discipline-branch with a brief explanation and what interests you or questions you might want to know about this area of computing.

The job/area I looked into was sports analysists, and how they use digital technologies to assist their work.

DT are used extensively in this area, with technologoes such as HR monitors, fitness tracking apps (e.g. Strava, Garmin) and performance charts/diagrams all used in their sporting analysis.

I found this interesting because I play a range of sports and occasionally use digital technologies to analyse my games/runs etc. and was curious as to how other tech is used in the same area of interest. I am also curious as to how DT will be effecting sport and sport analysis in the future (for example, what new technologies will be developed? How will existing technologies be altered in the future?)

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