Task 1: Option 1

Option 1. Find and share an example of a job or discipline area that involves some element of computing or relation to digital technologies. Share with the community what the career is or discipline-branch with a brief explanation and what interests you or questions you might want to know about this area of computing.

I was reading through a document titled ‘The adoption of digital technology in the arts’ which gave great insight into the increasingly used  role of digital technologies in the arts. It states that many of those in the arts are already using digital technologies such as cameras, programs for editing, screens, cinemas, lights and digital sound, websites and social media in order to share creative projects. Laptops, internet and phones are often use to share and create art whether it be in the form of a book, video, film, photos, picture, painting, drawing etc. Inspiration for creative pieces can also be gained by viewing someone else work online. The document goes into detail about the effectiveness of digital technologies in the arts. A good example that is currently prevalent for those in South Australia is the ‘Van Gogh Alive show’ currently visiting Adelaide. This show displays Vincent van Gogh’s famous art works though the use of floor to celling screens, lighting and classical audio, creating an immersive experience to showcase artworks. Without digital technologies this experience wouldn’t be possible.

I found this interesting as I am doing an arts degree alongside my primary education degree and did not realise how important, beneficial and advantageous it was to those with a career in the arts.

I have included the link to this document: https://media.nesta.org.uk/documents/difaw_gmv_e.pdf

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