Patterns and Play – Remote learning

Option 4: If you are teaching students remotely (online), what types of data activities could students do from home? This could be an activity with or without technology.

To assist students to gain an understanding of data and representing data students could partake in a range of activities. Firstly they could begin by playing around with online graphing tools to gain an understanding of how data is presented within a graph.

The students may then be given a set of data from the teacher which they must place into a suitable graph to accurately present the data.

To extend on this students could be given the task to find a theme of objects around their house and collect data on it. For example the types of plants in their garden. After determining the different types of plants and how many of each the students have they must demonstrate their understanding of data representation by placing it in a suitable graph.

This should be followed by specific questioning by the teacher which forces the students to reflect on their data collection process and to explain how they determined which graph was the most suitable method for displaying the information.

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