Introduction Digitial Technologies

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Losing a limb can drastically change someones life and the ability to complete everyday activities we take for granted are daily struggles. The above article discusses how scientists from Israel Institute of Technology have developed an automated production line of 3D printing, printing low-cost customised prosthetic limbs with the scanning set up only costing $40.

The limbs are made to suit the individual using a streamlined design process, unaffected limbs are scanned to replicate, tailored using CAD software and converted into an STL file ready to print. The other parts can be easily assembled into the structure which can change individuals capabilities instantly. This may include gripping something to pick up.


This article demonstrates the positive impact that technology can have on individuals to instantly change their quality of life. I was amazed how cost and time effective the 3D printing was in comparison to the previous materials used to create prosthetic limbs. This article demonstrates the growth in technology so far and makes us excited about what is to come in the near future.


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