Encoding / Decoding Data Activity

In this activity, students used a combination of visuals and sounds to find a reward across different media.

1. Students were separated into four groups and given an 8×8 simple grid map, identifying two specific spaces on the grid.

2. Using the Auslan signs for ‘forward’, ‘backward’, ‘turn left’ and ‘turn right’, the teams needed to guide one member to the two specific spaces, to collect a note. This was done using a giant chess board space we have at our school, large enough for students to take the place of chess pieces.

3. The notes collected by the students contained a code which, when entered into an app on their devices, would play a sound.

4. In a game on their devices – made specifically for this task – students (in their teams) had to find an object which would make that sound. For students in need of support, this featured animal sounds, and they simply had to locate the animal. Once this was done, students received directions (in the form of arrow symbols) from the object to a goal location.

5. On reaching the goal location, students were given a code word to tell me in order to receive their reward.

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