Data Representation – Activity Example

Option 2: Describe a classroom activity that involves students encoding and decoding data. You might involve another system that is used to convey information (e.g. Braille, flag systems, sign language, other cultures) or incorporate a resource (e.g. story, song). 

Upper primary age group:

In groups of three or four get students to pick a children’s picture book with no more than 20 pages. Using their knowledge of encoding and decoding data the students must work together to build a new data system to convey information. This may be a written new binary code, a new version of morse code or a new visual sign language system. Once the students have built their own code they must encode the children’s picture book using their designed system.

From here the students must pair up with people from other groups and using their new system they must decode each other’s stories.

This teaches the students about the importance of information systems and how the computer uses code to complete particular tasks.

To maximise this activity teachers should ask a range of open and guiding questions to expand the student’s knowledge and understanding of the topic.

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