Web-based tools that support online safety

Technology has been effective in eliminating the lack of interest in teamwork because it provides interactive learning opportunities and has redefined the meaning of ‘group work’.

The following web-based tools allow students the freedom of multi-modal representation of their best work. Some of the tools maintain anonymity whereas others empower students by giving them a platform to voice their opinion. Students can share their word documents, presentations, audios, videos, data displays, etc. online in a safe manner, that is monitored and scaffolded by the teacher.

  • Padlet: allows students to brainstorm and have  discussions with their peers in a controlled environment; the account is created by the teacher and students join in using their devices
  • TodaysMeet: allows an unlimited number of students to take part and used as a platform for meetings, presentations, seminars, etc
  • Kahoot, Socrative (can be used for quizzes)- E.g. The Space Race in Socrative encourages friendly competition among students; they race across the screen with correct answers. A perfect way to assess students without making them feel intimidated!
  • Upper primary students can collaborate over Google doc and Microsoft teams- the teacher can be responsible for granting access; allows for teacher intervention and immediate feedback
  • See-saw and QR codes: Families can view their child’s work on these platforms which gives students a sense of ownership and pride over their work.

Students have to be made aware that they are to stay on task and the pages/sites mentioned by the teacher during the lesson. If they were to abuse the privilege given to them, access to their digital devices will be taken away.

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