Telephones vs Smartphones

Option 3: Exploring past and present technologies

Year Level – Lower – middle prrimary

Inquiry question: How have telephones changed, and how has this impacted our day-to-day lives?

The lesson would involve students engaging with different telephone models, from the first ‘brief case’ mobile phone, traditional telephones (buttons and rotary dial), and basic early model mobile phones up to the latest smart phones. Parents and grandparents who still own these older models would be invited into the classroom to show the students the devices, explain their functionality and how the device impacted their life. In a station format, students would be given the opportunity to play with the telephones under supervision, and compare their functionality in comparison to the modern day devices they are familiar with. Students would be instructed to note down the characteristics and differences of each device on a provided work sheet. As a class students would then discuss how telephones have changed and how the technological advancements have impacted the user, as well as society more broadly.

This is a useful resource that outlines the detailed history of the telephone that could be used to guide class discussions.

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