‘Teachmint’: An app making online teaching and learning easier during the pandemic

Launched in early 2020, Teachmint is an app that enables teachers and tutors throughout India to seamlessly continue teaching online amid the pandemic. The creators of the Teachmint app noticed that educators were struggling to teach online using disconnected solutions. For example, many teachers were conducting classes on Zoom, Google Meet or Facebook Live, and then communicating with students over WhatsApp and email, and conducting assessments over Google Forms.

The Teachmint app allows educators to download the app on their phone, generate links to their classroom and send it to their students. The app includes integrated functionality to hand out and manage assessments, automate workflows (like taking attendance, creating work logs etc.), as well as the distribution of learning materials.

Although this story is specific to India, I found this interesting as I am sure this is a problem for teachers all over the world at the moment,. Question for current teachers out there – is there an Australian equivalent of Teachmint that you were, or are currently using to consolidate your online teaching practices?

Full article here – https://yourstory.com/2021/06/edtech-startup-teachmint-helping-1-million-tutors-free-platform/amp

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