Task 7: Visual Programming

Bee Bots could be integrated as a classroom activity to help students learn about directions and maps.

  1. In the first activity, students navigate toy cars to a designated location using verbal instructions.
  2. In the second activity, students role play as drivers and move physically using the previous verbal instructions.
  3. In the third activity, students program the sequence of instructions into the Bee Bots that will enable it to travel in the shortest route to its designated location. If they find the third activity difficult, students can act as robots to have a better understanding of how to program their Bee Bots.
  4. If students mastered Bee Bots, they could attempt to program a virtual Bee Bot to reach the star (the goal) in this Scratch simulation activity – https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/20165008/  .

For the third activity, this is a sample of the map that will be used because students can choose various navigation routes.

Road and Buildings Mat (Compatible with Bee-Bot)


Image is taken from https://www.twinkl.com.au/resource/t-c-769-bee-bot-road-and-buildings-mat (Twinkl, n.d.).

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