Task 7: Option 2

For Task 7, I have chosen option 2. My classroom activity would use Scratch (probably Scratch Jr) collaboratively with students (early years) to visualise a simple nursery rhyme then modify the story.

Initially, I would introduce a nursery rhyme very familiar to students and work with students to identify the characters, repeating parts and what the characters are doing during the rhyme. Then, I will draw out the progression of the story on the whiteboard or interactive whiteboard in a sequence of steps. Then, I will introduce Scratch Jr as a visual programming environment that will allow me to introduce characters and program them to move as they would in the nursery rhyme. After demonstrating this, in small groups with an educator/EA per group, students will have a chance to create it themselves. Then, have the chance to modify their stories. At the end of the lesson, students will have a show-and-tell where they share their Scratch Jr story (could even be interactive for more confident users) with their peers and explain their decisions and how they achieved it (i.e. their coding).

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