Task 7: Option 1

Students will start with the following Scratch Card: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/556415763/

This Scratch Card game let’s students collect cards of varying strengths to battle against an ‘opponent’. Some cards are more powerful than others. Students can collect a variety of cards using money earned by winning points.

Students are asked to modify this Scratch Card by entering into the remix platform and creating their own ‘battle game’ using characters with powers based on the original game, but with additional animations, more complex point systems and additional audio and visual prompts such as text prompters. This is a complex task and is suited to upper years but this activity may also be suitable if only minor edits took place from year 3 onwards.

After playing the original game as a class, students will brainstorm a series of ‘What If’ questions to enhance their games. Look for questions such as:

What if there is a very powerful card with a weakness against the weakest sprite?

What if you had water themed sprites that damaged fire themed sprites?

What if you created animations to represent the battles?

What if you change the game from a card game to a Pokémon battle?

What if you changed the audio and sprites to something you have created?

What if there were more instructions and pop-ups?

What of there were more/different prizes and rewards?

What if there were levels?

What if there was a maze level?

Students must utilise their understanding of algorithms and computational thinking to create their own series of new steps and how and where to edit the code to change how the game looks.

This task can be easily taught online as Scratch is web-based and end results can be shared via the Scratch platform.

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