Task 6: Option 2

I have designed an activity that explores sequences of instructions for a Year 4 class that can be adjusted for online learning.


Students will create an animation using Scratch. Students will begin by being given a scenario that they must create.


There is a red car travelling down a city road. All of a sudden, a dragon lands in the middle of the road! The car stops and beeps its horn. The dragon ROARS and the drivers screams! The dragon flies away and the car continues driving to the end of the road.


Students must consider what background to use, which clip art to use, when to insert audio recordings and how and what to record. They must consider the algorithm.


Once students have completed this exercise, they will be asked to create another scenario which will be entirely student-led and shared with the class.


Access Scratch here: https://scratch.mit.edu


This can be adjusted for online learning by utilising the ‘Record Project Video’ feature and uploading to a safe platform such as Microsoft Teams, SeeSaw, Schoolologoy or sharing via a platform such as Zoom.

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