Task 5: Option 3

Seesaw is a online remote learning and classroom communication platform which is extremely useful to create and share information  for students, teachers and families as it provides a safe online learning environment. Seesaw has a robust set of Privacy Principles in place to protect student’s security and protect the integrity of student’s information. Students Seesaw Learning Inc. makes two apps, Seesaw Class and Seesaw Parent and Family, which are designed to be utilised synonymously.

Seesaw provides students with a space to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology. Seesaw allows students to engage with course content material by recording and share learning activities that occur in the classroom and submitting content to the platform to build individual digital portfolios which can span across a student’s entire school career and helps students learn how to utilise technology and reflect on their achievements. Each student gets their own journal/portfolio to will add their activity achievements such as photos, videos, drawings, or notes of student work samples.

Seesaw is a user-friendly digital platform for teachers to  gain insights on student learning. Through Seesaw, teachers can assign work to individual students, engage with students, and provide feedback, among other classroom activities such as creating worksheets and setting extension or differentiated activities. It serves as an excellent tool to create worksheets or record diagnostic, formative and summative assessments. In doing so teachers are better equipped to understand the strengths and areas for improvement for each student in real-time and then proceed to capitalise on Seesaw’s multimodal tools to differentiate instruction and meet the diverse needs of all your students.

Additionally, Seesaw fosters a Family-school partnerships. Through the Seesaw Parent and family portal, families/carers are able to view student work (along with teacher feedback), receive updates on their child’s progress in real-time, receive class announcements and communicate directly with the class teacher through messages. All of these features are accessible via a family login. Seesaw is thus recognised as a  powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families and would be one that would definitely be worth implementing in my classroom.

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