Task 5: Option 3

The Digital Technologies curriculum encourages students to ‘create and share information in safe online environments’.

The following are some environments that students could post to and within to share their work. They all allow various documents and formats to be uploaded. Word processing documents, PDFs, presentations, videos, audio files, images and data displays are just some of the things students can upload and share safely. Every environment is controlled by the teacher- emails and profiles must be added to a list on each platform to allow access. Access can also be taken away at any time. Additionally, these platforms allow for data to be recorded so teachers (and parents) can use evidence and track student progress.


Students can generate QR codes for each of these platforms as an additional way to share their work safely.


Google docs- grant access only to those on a teacher list using emails (students, other educators, parents).


Microsoft Teams- grant access only to those on a teacher list using emails (students, other educators, parents). Can access this using QR codes additionally. This is great for instant feedback and online instruction as well.


SeeSaw or Schoolology: Both formats allow work to be posted and shared, feedback can be given. These networks can often be very restricted which is in line with safety protocols.  Additionally, those interested in boosting a connection between school and the home might create a parent or grade-level group and post class activities and school announcements there. Teachers and school administrators can also store important resources in group folders that everyone can access for support.

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