Task 5: Option 2

For Task 5, I have chosen option 2 and after doing some research, I found two apps that take raw data provided by users and presents it to all users as meaningful information. They include:

  1. Waze or Google Maps Navigation apps. Before Google Maps had it, Waze created a community platform that allowed drivers to add details about traffic conditions in real-time. They were incentivised with the collection of coins in-app, which could be used to unlock different avatars that represented their live locations, e.g. a Ferrari instead of the common red car. This notified other drivers where accidents and slow moving traffic was and have the option to plan an alternative route.
  2. Plant identification apps, e.g. iNaturalist or PlantNet. These apps can be downloaded for free onto handheld devices. With PlantNet, pictures of plants can be captured and uploaded to the app which then searches its databases for the name of the plant. It’s then up to the user to determine if the plant matches the identified plant and then this raw data, location and picture of the plant, will be uploaded to the database for future users. The app provides additional data relating to the plant as well as relevant links to expand your search. As a bonus, PlantNet relies on its users to help it collect data as part of its biodiversity citizen science project.

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