Task 5: Information Systems

In order to teach my students about sharing information online safely and appropriately, I will use the storybook #Goldilocks: A Hashtag Cautionary Tale written by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross. This storybook retells the Goldilocks fairy tale with a modern spin about posting your daily lives on social media to gain attention (similar to Instagram posts).

During this lesson, I would invite students to analyse the pictures prior to reading the story, and then analyse it after the story has been read. This would help them to see how images and captions could be misinterpreted without context or proper information. They would also be able to see the long-lasting consequences of certain actions. The class could then discuss possible ways to help them make good decisions online, such as how to write constructive comments, upload or view suitable images or share personal information.

After that, the class could role-play to understand the feelings of different characters. This would enable them to build empathy and think twice before doing something by examining things from various perspectives.

Goldilocks : A Hashtag Cautionary Tale : Online Safety Picture Books - Jeanne Willis


Image taken from https://www.booktopia.com.au/goldilocks-a-hashtag-cautionary-tale-jeanne-willis/book/9781783447176.html .

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