Task 4: Option 3

I have created an  integrated HASS (history) lesson previously for year 2 students on the comparisons of  present and past technologies.  The curriculum links are “the impact of changing technology on people’s lives (e.g. at home, work, travel, communication, leisure, toys) and how the technology of the past differs from what is used today (ACHASSK046) and represent collected information and/or data in to different formats (e.g. tables, maps, plans) (WAHASS20).

The class will begin by reading the children literature ‘Then and Now’ by Heather Amery. Students will then work in pairs of mixed abilities to sort the cartoon illustrations of different transports into the Venn Diagram. Next, the difficulty of the activity will increase as real photos are being used instead of the simple cartoon illustrations from the book. This will be more challenging as it requires students to identity the transports accurately. The teacher will ask the students to write down Then and Now in table form. 

The second lesson involves students to create a one minute video on imovie to discuss/compare the functions of past and present home appliances. A kahoot quiz about the differences of modern and past technologies may also be incorporated towards the end of the two sessions to reinforce key concepts.


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