Task 4: Option 3

The attached program plan is curated to encourage students to explore past and present technologies. The program consists of 10 sequential cross-curriculum integrated lesson plans to holistically develop student’s conceptual knowledge and understanding and skills as part of the HASS curriculum.  The program and lessons consist of a blended approach to learning with an amalgamation of student-centred and explicit instruction, scaffolding and an exploratory and inquiry-based approach to learning. The lessons over the program scaffold students through Inquiry phase from engaging, exploring, explaining, elaborating and evaluating their learning. The program addresses the key inquiry questions and SMART Goals on past and present technology in a sequential manner as seen below:

  • Students will describe the past and present.
  • Students will define the term technology.
  • Students will pose questions about the term technology and different technologies of the past and present.
  •  Students will identify the technology of the past and the present.
  • Students will research and collect information about past and present technology.
  •  Students will sort technology based on the past and present using a Venn Diagram
  •  Students will analyse, compare and describe the similarities and differences between old and new technology using a Venn Diagram.
  • Students will sequence the development and evolution of technology.
  • Students will evaluate and infer what the old pieces of technology tell us about the lives of people and families in the past.
  • Students will explore interesting facts about different technologies.
  • Students will evaluate and explain how the changes in technology have impacted our lives today.
  • Students will create a story about the impact of change in technology over the years by comparing their personal daily life now and daily life then using language features and punctuation. Students will present the story to the class and respond to questions from peers. Students will use interaction skills to communicate. Overall Students will participate in paired, small group and whole-class discussions and activities to share their thoughts and ideas.

Please refer to the link/attached document below for the program plan to teach past and present technology by integrating ICT and the digital technology curriculum.

EDUC5501 HASS Past & Present Technologies Planning Document FINAL



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