Task 4: Option 3

Year 2 HASS Activity

SCSA curriculum link: History – The impact of changing technology on people’s lives (e.g. at home, work, travel, communication, leisure, toys) and how the technology of the past differs from what is used today (ACHASSK046)


Resources required:

  • Butcher’s paper & a marker
  • Sample of past and present technologies
  • YouTube video
  • Index cards for matching game

Hook / Motivation: Set up a table at the front of the classroom laid out with several technologies from both the past and the present. This could include a(n): iron, telephone, kettle, blender, computer, pictures of items that cannot be sourced etc.


Lesson Activities:

  1. Introduce topic of the day
  2. Class brainstorm on what technologies they know of from the past that are no longer being used today
  3. What are some technologies of today that students predict we might not require in the future?
  4. Record ideas on a large butcher’s paper for display
  5. Break students up into groups to do a sorting / matching activity (Matching an old telephone to a mobile phone, discussing their different features and purpose)



Bring children back to mat and play YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DENG7Q7VRgo&t=112s&ab_channel=Astrolabe

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