Task 4: Option 3

To educate students on past and present technologies I would design an interactive lesson that allows students to get a hands-on experience with different technologies.

For an activity-based component of the lesson, I would run a game of “Which technology am I?”

This game would take place in small groups in which groups will be given a handout with various technologies and their key components listed in table form. After some time to familiarise themselves with the features of the technologies, each group will select one technology which they will be. One at a time a representative from each group will stand up and the remaining groups will ask simple yes or no questions regarding the nature, function and purpose of their technology. The first group to successfully guess the technology wins.


A show and tell session would suit the nature of this subject as students could find an everyday piece of technology in their home and share with the class how this device may have changed over time. Students could practice interviewing skills and ask their parents or even grandparents to provide some insight into their memory of the technology in the past. The students can then present their findings to the class.


Another lesson idea may involve the teacher bringing into the classroom various vintage technologies and current technologies for the students to test out themselves. They can then begin to make links between the technologies and can experience using them first hand.


As a final component which utilises creativity, students may be tasked with creating their own novel invention or innovation which  they will create using classroom crafts and can share with the class. Students can share the use of the device and why it would be useful to own. Additionally students could be challenged to draw a labelled diagram, a plan for the design and a written justification for their new technology.


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