Task 4: Option 3

Exploring past and present technologies:


I developed this lesson during my second professional practice in a blended Year 1 and 2 class. I introduced technology from the past to the present by bringing in an antique stand phone and showing students how it worled. Each student got the opportunity to use the hearing device, speak into the mouth piece and dial the number using the rotary attachment.


Students were then grouped into blended ability groups ands asked to label laminated images of the version of a technology that had changed through time.


Groups were given different themes: communication technologies, kitchen appliances and recreational technologies. Groups were NOT told about these themes.


After the groups had sorted their images and labels, the class took a gallery walk to observe the different groups and compare their own results. The correct results were then discussed as a class.


Groups were then asked to discuss what each of the technologies had in common. This was then discussed as a class.


Groups were then asked to discuss what they think was different between the technologies. This was then discussed as a class.


This followed an ‘engage’ format. Following lessons followed an explain format where students watched informational videos and used PowerPoints as discussion starters using https://www.inquisitive.com/unit/109-changing-technology resources.


I used multiple resources on Twinkl to create the laminated sorting activity and used Word to create the corresponding labels.

This image shows the physical laminated resources for a Changing Technologies unit

Changing Technologies laminates sorting activity.

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