Task 3: Option 3

I have discovered a series of useful classroom resources to assist with teaching students about binary data.  The appropriate year level for these resources would be Year 4 to Year 6, however modifications can be made to adjust the age range.
Firstly, I would share this video to introduce the concept of binary numbers and that binary is composed of predominantly two numbers, 0 and 1, or “off” and “on”  –
I have identified some useful worksheets online.
For example, I may obtain a worksheet that allows students to make a binary code birthday card or a binary bracelet as shown below
Additionally I have identified some worksheets that would initially allow students to convert binary to decimal numbers. A number of these worksheets are located under the Australian Curriculum Year 5 and 6 Digital Technologies work samples. Finally, further questioning in worksheets can determine student’s ability to translate computing terminology into real world situations.

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