Task 3: Option 2

For Task 3 Data Representation, I have selected option 2 and my lesson idea for K-2 is to work in pairs or small groups to encode and decode a set of instructions for students to navigate through an obstacle course or to travel from Point A to B using a road mat or classroom furniture. Students can first decode your provided instructions (e.g. using arrows for K or simple instructions for Year 1-2’s). Then, students have a chance to come up with their own set of instructions which they must encode and another team will decode it to see if they are able to follow the instructions given. This lesson can be integrated with HASS for directions/places of interest and literacy for constructing texts to convey a message and to practice directional language.

A similar idea is presented on Twinkl where cards with directional prepositions are used: https://www.twinkl.com.au/resource/t-s-800-instructions-with-directional-prepositions

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