Task 2 Option 4: At home data activity

There are many types of data activities children can do at home, it could be as simple as counting the number of items in their bedroom that is of certain colours and grouping those items together according to their colour. (e.g. group 1 = blue items; group 2 = red items) The children may also count the number of items in each group, write the number on a piece of paper, place it underneath the groupings, take a photo and share with their peers.

This activity can be further developed by adding more attributes into the sorting process (e.g. soft and blue, hard and blue, soft and red, hard and red), or asking the children to represent data differently (e.g. a pictorial bar graph).

Some other data activities can be found in the website below: https://www.littlemissdata.com/blog/graph-week

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