Task 2: Option 4

To teach students to collect, analyse interpret and represent data via remote learning (online), several types of data activities could  be implemented using digital technology

  1. In maths, presenting the whole class with an an interactive and collaborative white board with a bar graph for children on the Seesaw app to complete the graph with the number  of letters in their names. This activity would help students  count the number of letters in their names and order the names from the shortest to the longest name.
  2. Another activity would be to present students with a kahoot quiz game pin to answer a series of literacy questions such as classifying a noun, verb adjective or name, place animal or thing and getting students to produce the class report to analyse, interpret and represent data. This tool is useful for diagnostic and formative assessments.
  3. Another activity for math and science would be to use the popplet app to create a timeline of  the the growth of a plant through pictures across two weeks (14 days) and finally export and post the time-lapse map on Seesaw at the end to report on data.

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