Task 2: Option 4

When teaching online, as becoming more common in recent times, there is the ability for students to become more familiar with and engaged in their surroundings. Firstly, an activity which could be done at home without the use of technology involves organisational skills. Children can be shown that organising is not only useful in mathematics situations, but it is also beneficial to organise elements in their home environment such as books, toys, and kitchen utensils. Children can practice organising their favourite toys into categories, collecting data along the way. For example, their size, colour, brand, how long they have owned it for or alphabetically by name. They may physically represent their findings in a graph, a table or a tally. Students will likely enjoy this activity as they can ‘show and tell’ their prized possessions whilst becoming more familiar with digital technologies skills from home.

Alternatively, there are many digital resources such as websites which offer interactive games that educate children on data collection and organisation. Teachers could share links to various educational websites online which children could complete on their device.

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