Task 2: Learning Activity Idea

The government website esafety.gov.au has educational classroom resources, including a cybersmart detective challenge. The video is relatable and informative but may be too long, with concepts that aren’t as relatable to children in grades Prep to Year Two. The Lesson Plan could be adapted though to be more appropriate to younger children.

If I was teaching it to a Grade 2 class, I would first ask students what they know about public social networking profiles and then show them some examples. We would have a brief discussion about the types of profiles we may use at school and at home.

I would explain that for this activity we are creating an imaginary profile for a school based social network that is visible by staff and students in schools all over Australia. After handing out the templates, everyone would create their own profile. Next I would ask some students to share their profiles and explain the information they included and why.

After that I would verbally share information about safe profiles vs unsafe profiles. As well as showing some examples and infographics. A short video like this one would also be informative: Private and Personal Information

A second template would be handed out and everyone would be asked to re-do their profile considering the information they have learned. Afterwards, students would be encouraged to share their before and after profiles to explain what had changed and why.

Each student would then reflect and write a few sentences about their experience and understanding gained through the activity.

This is the link for the original website that inspired my lesson concept: https://www.esafety.gov.au/educators/classroom-resources/cybersmart-challenge/cybersmart-detectives

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