Task 1: Option 1

|Simulation Specialists use Gaming to train Astronauts for Space Medicine|

Simulation Specialists develop worlds for virtual testing for many industries such as Aerospace, Medical and the Army…even teaching! Using interactive 3D visualisations, people can show real-life situations that are not possible to practice safely within in reality.


Space Medicine is one such area. A medical gaming company, Level Ex, is working with NASA to virtually simulate how the human body is affected by space in a gaming situation. The simulation model will help to train astronauts to deal with emergency medical situations during missions. As NASA is working towards longer space missions to Mars, astronauts need to learn in as realistic a situation a possible. Simulation Specialists provide a solution.

Questions: How do you develop a game that is useful for real life?

What things do astronauts need to learn?

Can you apply gaming to any other situations in our lives to help us?

Read and see more about it using the link below:


Watch more about how gaming is being used for Space Medicine here:


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