Task 1: Digital Technology for the Agricultural Sector

As I was interested on how countries were taking actions to address the global crisis of food shortage, I found these two articles. These articles describe countries such as Japan and Australia were investing in digital technologies to improve their agricultural industry. It is amazing that digital technologies could be utilised effectively despite the lack of resources.

In the first article, a Japanese apple orchard farm used a lightweight, unmanned ground vehicle named XAG R150 to pollinate trees due to the decline of bee population and human labour shortage. This is a great start towards resolving the global crisis of food shortage. https://futureiot.tech/japanese-farm-deployed-robot-to-pollinate-apple-orchard/

In the second article, Australia recently used XAG drones to curb weed infestation in Australian farms. I expect that Australia would soon follow in Japan’s footsteps of using the XAG robots to pollinate plantations. https://futureiot.tech/xag-drones-trialled-to-curb-weed-infestation-in-australian-farms/

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