Robot Recyclers

A work-in-progress digital technology that I found interesting is an intelligent robot that helps us to recycle our trash. In the present day, only a fraction of the trash we produce is actually getting recycled. This means that majority of the items we put in bins are ending up in landfills which have a plethora of environmental impacts.

Therefore, a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics would improve the way we recycle by building and programming robots to sort through trash and identify the material it’s made of and whether contamination is present. This removes the danger contamination poses to humans, automates the arduous process of sorting trash and improves the reliability and accuracy of the sort. Thus, more of our ever-increasing volume of trash will be sorted correctly and be recycled appropriately. The use of robots and AI could also manage the increasing amount of trash produced by the growing human population with greater efficiency and reliability.

This type of innovation is exactly why I believe humans have the potential to find ways to mitigate our environmental impact.

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