Option 2 – Suggested data source and how it could be used in the classroom 


Year group – Year 1 / 2

Proposed data source – Students record the different ways they travel to school

Output – Create digital pictographs using Doodle Buddy iPad App


An interesting data source to collect in the classroom would be how students travel to school as I think this links nicely to class discussions relevant to the HASS curriculum (which could be explored during another lesson).  The initial lesson could follow a similar format to that outlined in this link (https://www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au/teachers/lesson-ideas/data-detective) in which students are guided to conduct a simple survey, organise and represent data, as well as demonstrate their understanding of how to use patterns to represent data symbolically. A tweak to the lesson in this link would be for students to create their own pictographs using the Doodle Buddy iPad app. Pictographs provide an interesting and engaging way for students to present their data symbolically. The following article provides helpful information on how to use Doodle Buddy with younger year groups. https://www.thetechieteacher.net/2015/11/creating-pictographs-on-ipad.html

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