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The Bone conduction headphone for poor/impaired hearing transmits environmental sounds through vibrations on the bones in your jaw and head, in order for them to travel straight to the inner ear while bypassing the eardrum. Manufacturers claim they use similar technologies to help the deaf or those with poor hearing. It serves as an alternative to a regular hearing aid.  The headset is ergonomically positioned on the temple and cheek and the electromechanical transducer, which converts electric signals into mechanical vibrations, sends sound to the internal ear through the cranial bones. Likewise, a microphone can be used to record spoken sounds via bone conduction. Hollie Harding, a composer, researcher and curator of contemporary music events in the UK premiered the use of Bone Conduction Headphones through her first composition titled Melting, Shifting, Liquid World at the at The National Maritime Museum.

Article Reference: Headphones for Hearing Impairment


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