Option 1- Teaching Online Safety & Appropriate Behaviour with Picture Books

Kim Maslin has written a great book The Tweeting Galah, a cyber safety children’s book series which contains four short stories that each feature an Australian character.  Through the stories, each learn an important lessons about living in a digital world.  They bring to life relatable, common dilemmas faced by children growing up with technology.

They align with the Australian Curriculum and can be used to teach digital technologies, protective behaviours, health, english and the ICT capability.

The stories include reflection questions at the end to guide classroom discussion and she also have some great free resources which are available for download.  Even cooler, there are augmented reality experiences students can try with the Zappar app including scanning character cards that allow them to transform into the characters! (This is part of the teachers complete printed pack available for purchase).

The Tweeting Galah by Kim Maslin

Lesson Idea (may be done over 2 lessons) Years 4-6 depending on the task cards you use

  1. Students can engage with a story, teacher can read aloud and then students can explore the book themselves.
  2. Students work in small groups to sequence the story and then discuss together as a class.
  3. In pairs students have the opportunity to use the Zappar app to access the augmented reality experiences with Zappar app.
  4. Students have a choice to demonstrate their understanding using the task cards by Kim Maslin
    1. Create a poster that promotes the message “Respect Others Online” Display this poster around your school/classroom.
    2. Create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the different ways you can show respect to others in real life vs. online.
    3. Write a short story exploring what could happen if people believed everything they read online.
  5. Students can reflect on what they learned and and check back in with the characters using the Zappar app “Where are they now?” link

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