Obstacle course design

Subject area: Digital technology, Physical Education, Math

Year level: 2-6

Lesson sequence:

  1. Create an obstacle course for the students; hula hoops, kicking a ball back and forth, jumping sack, rolling over a mattress, etc.
  2. Divide students into teams and let each team start from one obstacle. Inform them that a team can only move from one obstacle to the other if all the members have crossed the obstacle.
  3. Time the students. Take note of time lags due to waiting for the other team, structural discrepanciesies of the obstacles, irrelevant rules or rules that need to be included, etc.
  4. Let students finish one round and then sit and discuss how they would change the obstacles to make it more efficient.
  5. Allow students to keep trying and record the changes made and time saved for every round.
  6. Once students are satisfied with their creation, compare it with the layout as a whole class. Annotate the changes made and the justifications.
  7. Next, students can design their own obstacle course using logical sequencing and involve students from other classes/teams to try it out.

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