Year 2 : Digital Systems

Warm Up: Ask students if they know what ‘technology’ means, brainstorm ideas. (Technology can be referred to as inventions that help us live our day-to-day lives.) Get students to think of some items (T.V, iron, microwave, DVD, hair dryer, etc.) Discuss what it may have been like to live in the early 20th century, pose questions like ‘do you think they had T.V?, lights, or even electricity?

Using smart board find pictures that illustrate early appliances such as the fire oven, hot coal irons, ribbed wash board etc.

Ask them if they can recognize the items and their purposes. Show the students pictures of current appliances such as the washing machine, electric iron, electric, gas ovens etc. Discuss what life may have been like with the early appliances, compare and discuss the advantages of having modern electric, automated appliances.

Task: In 2 columns in their books old & new. In the old column, use the earlier brainstorming listed appliances from early in the 20th century and write a brief description of what it was used for and how it was used. Similarly list from the smartboard pictures of their modern counterparts and get the students to write a brief description of how it has changed or improved.

Reflection: How does Technology Help/Hinder us? Turn and talk with a partner.

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