Measuring Changes in Energy Surfaces

My son has just completed a PHD to measure the change in energy surfaces when exposed to other chemical elements. This is like a roadmap for practical chemists to develop cures and solutions for some of humanities most troubling afflictions (e.g Cancer, HIV, or even the common cold).

He used Digital Tech to assist in the completion of his study in some of the following ways:

  • computer programming on portable computer devices in Fortran to develop complex mathematical chemical modelling
  • super computer resources to run the mathematical models
  • telecommunications and emails to correspond with overseas mentors in the performance of his research
  • word processor programs to record his research results

I find this interesting because of the practical applications that his research can be applied to. For example, in the medical field, it could be used to find a way to cure Alzheimer’s. Or say in the pharmaceutical field, it may be able to design a new drug etc.

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