Super Mario Lego

I was thinking that using the collection of Super Mario Lego would be a fun way for the class to create different courses. The Super Mario figure has a bluetooth feature that can connect it to devices, which means you can record scores and photograph and share each new course that is created. The Super Mario figure also has  features an LCD display, speakers, accelerometer and colour sensors. The LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly display a wide variety of instant reactions to movement, as well as action bricks, and the speaker pumps out a soundtrack, with the coin collect sound, and phrases from Mario. Mario has a 60-sec time limit as it goes around the course. The main aim of designing the course set-up is to earn as many coins as possible through jumping on various coloured blocks and barcodes. I love the potential to teach students about a digital system and collect data to share both online and within our class with this product.

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