Unit 4

With the movement of hackers on the rise, cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, destructive and intrusive. While scammers and hackers started with acquiring information such as log ins or credit card information, the takeover has now started cover a larger scale. Some believe that the advance in black hat hackers could institute the beginning of World War Three. They think hackers are working to gain control over countries large businesses, oil rigs, power grids, and financial systems. This can leave countries without means to defend themselves in some instances, and this can lead to what may be considered a real-life example of ransomware. Meaning, a group of hackers acting on behalf of a country may shut a valuable resource down, for some kind of ransom from the victim country. Alternatively, the other country may retaliate. This is a frightening thought and it is important that experts keep one step ahead in the protection of the world’s valuable assets.


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