Option 2: Zero Food Wastage

A mobile app developed by start-up Phenix helps large food retailers, local businesses, manufacturers and wholesalers sell excess food to consumers at half price and donate the rest to food charities, saving 120,000 meals each day. Through the app, consumers can discover the nearest Phenix business partners, choose a business and a type of basket—vegetarian, organic, halal, etc.—safely pay, and receive alerts with their pickup time. Collaborating with one global leader in beverages, the company has helped save 2.3 million drinks from the garbage bin during Covid-19.

Across industries, Covid-19 has catalyzed a technological shift of unprecedented magnitude. In the race to build powerful new digital capabilities and successfully retool for the world of tomorrow, corporations need innovative partners. With a select group of trusted allies, they must prepare their businesses to thrive in the future by taking advantage of the critical technology trends of today.

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