Task 1, Option 2


I found this article interesting in a couple of ways.  First is the advancements in radio astronomy and the speed at which the CSIRO’s radio telescope seas able to complete its survey.  This. Allows for further research in astronomy.  Second, the article links to a ‘virtual tour’ of the images collected by he study,  the website shows off the images of space in an engaging and easily accessible format.  Digital technologies have been used to further astronomical research, to present research findings, and to engage people from outside of the field in exploring he advancements in research.  It is also a resource that can be used in teaching and learning in science (earth and space science).

Hotan, A 2020, We’ve mapped a million previously undiscovered galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Take the virtual tour here, The Conversation, accessed 1 January 2021,



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