Task 6: Algorithms & Programming

Design an activity that explores sequences of instructions:

Before the lesson, photocopy the ‘make paper plane instructions’ sheet onto card paper.  Cut out the pictures with their corresponding instructions.

In the lesson, give each student a piece of paper and allow them 5 mins to make and fly their own paper planes.  In a circle students hold up to share what they have made (hopefully there should be some different ones!)  Explain that there are many different paper planes we can make, and that today the class will be making a super fast one, but unfortunately the instructions have been mixed up.  The students need to work in pairs to put the labelled pictures in the right order/sequence, so that they can follow the instructions to make the paper plane.  In pairs, students work together to put the pictures in the correct order.  They test by following the sequence of  instructions they have ordered to make the super fast paper plane.  Students can spend some time trying out the planes they have just made, seeing who can fly the fastest, furtherest, etc.  At the end of the lesson, discuss with the class what the features of good instructions are (eg. step by step, sequenced, clear).

Make Paper Plane Instructions 

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